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eco-house quickly (eco-hq)

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Good Day Dear Friend,

I suggest you become the owner of the new technology eco-house quickly.
Eco-hq technology is rethinking all the existing technologies of construction, the selection of the best of them and combining in one.
The basis of eco-hq technology is eco-friendly material laminated board having a small thermal conductivity, high strength, anti-mildew, pests and fire protection.

Comparison with other technologies:
- eco-hq is constructed by 1000% faster than brick house
- eco-hq is by 90% cheaper than brick house
- eco-hq is constructed by 1500% faster than log house
- eco-hq is by 60% cheaper than log house
- eco-hq is constructed by 35% faster than frame-panel house
- eco-hq is by 20% more expensive than frame-panel house

WIPO (European Union, Ukraine)
Registration number: DM/078 601
Filing date: 24.05.2012

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Sincerely, Alexander S.

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- an outright sale, a license with royalties

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