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Multi-Function Surface Treatment Tool

[Category : - OTHER- Beauty, clothes & personal articles]
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A chemical-mechanical applicator for treating and cleaning surfaces in the domestic, automotive aftermarket, personal care and cosmetic sectors. The applicator wets, agitates/massages, and scrapes off residue leaving a surface dry and clean without soiling users hands. The applicator is a blade like device integrated with a dispenser device that is coupled to one or more reservoirs from which fluids are dispensed onto a surface. The blade carries a multiplicity of pads interspersed with scraper edges. The pads are used for rubbing and swabbing off. The scrappers are used for scraping and drying by squeegee action, the collected up used fluids retained within the blade.

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Offered for license or possible sale

A multipurpose applicator, various uses described at Link

Of particular interest are uses for cosmetic applicators where it additionally acts as a subcutaneous exerciser for the purpose of offseting/delaying facial ageing. See Link for a full explanation.

This technology is protecetd by further patents in China, India, USA and Europe.

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