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The No Fly Zone - Screen assembly for storing wild game meat

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A protective mesh bag that shields an animal’s carcass against insects and debris

I have been a hunter my entire life, hunting in various states in the west and finally I reside in Alaska.

During one of my past hunts in Alaska my party and I had successfully harvested a couple Caribou out on the Alaskan peninsula, while the Caribou carcass was cooling and curing in the field the blow flies had their way with the game. Even with a great amount of care that we used we still lost a substantial amount of meat to the flying pests.

It was that particular trip that inspired me to developing a system that I could use in the field to protect our valuable game while it was curing. I have developed an idea and patented what I believe to be the next generation of wild game storage system for use in the field or at home when your game still needs to hang and cure.

The NO FLY ZONE is totally collapsible, rot resistant, allows positive airflow, has a built in water proof cover, a removable bottom for cleaning, and can be used over and over again for years.

The NO FLY ZONE makes it possible to hang wild game without fear of contamination from flies and other debris, the current game bags that are on the market are a must in the transportation of meat but, while hanging to cure the game is susceptible to contamination, flies feast on the carcass and blow their larva onto the bags while the game hangs and cures.

But no more, the NO FLY ZONE protects the carcass from anything getting at the meat, allowing the necessary airflow and cooling to transpire until you are ready to transport the game.

Simply put, it is the best protection available while your game is curing.

Financial information

I am marketing my U.S. Patent game bag system because I no longer have the time to put into the development of this superior product, I am open to all offers and the possibility of a license with royalties, this patent has never been sold nor marketed.

- Keeps an animal carcass clean and protected against insects while meat is hanging to cure
- Won’t stick to the carcass like conventional cheese cloth bags, which can allow insects and debris to contaminate the meat
- Waterproof cover keeps rain and snow off the carcass
- Producible in a full-size version to cover an entire deer or similar-sized animal and in a shorter, larger diameter for holding a quartered Elk, Caribou, or Moose
- Collapses for easy transport and storage when not in use

- Cylindrical fine nylon mesh bag will have a removable floor fabricated from machine-washable material, such as a cotton/polyester blend
- Fiberglass/plastic reinforcement rings will be placed in the top, middle, and bottom to allow the bag to retain its shape while hanging
- Rings will be held in place via flaps attached to the mesh
- Each Ring will include three short rods extending toward the center of the bag to prevent the bag from ever touching the carcass
- The top of the bag will feature a waterproof cover and a hook with a locking clasp for hanging the meat
- A plastic coated cable will run through the cone to a hook used for hanging the carcass

- Hunters from all walk of life, from all countries.

- Department, discount department and variety stores
- Sporting goods stores
- Gun dealers and gunsmiths
- Army/Navy stores
- Retailer of archery equipment and supplies
- Wholesalers of sporting goods
- Televised home shopping programs
- Mail order catalogs

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