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MPV (Motorcycle Passenger Vest)

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - DESIGN PATENTS- Biking]
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Engineers have said MPV has potential to become a STATE requirement (similar to the Helmet Law). Motorcycle enthusiasts can now utilize hand holds worn by the operator. The passenger places hands on hand holds ergonomically placed for and adult or a child to grasp during motion. The vest is rigid, super nice, and inconspicuous. The operator knows exactly where the passengers hands are at all times. Riding through curves becomes natural for any passenger. There is an added sense of control for the rider knowing the passenger is holding on and following their movements. I have exclusive rights to this Patent. I have fully functional high end prototypes I use daily.

Financial information

I am seeking a buyer for this Patent. I will consider a non-exclusive royalty agreement. Engineers have said MPV has potential to become a STATE requirement (similar to the Helmet Law). This product has not been previously sold, licensed, nor authorized for production. There is huge margin potential. Raw materials are low cost. Machine set up and equipment would be minimal cost for production. Most motorcycle riders will appreciate this idea and embrace it. Every passenger I have riden with prefers the vest opposed to traveling without it. Lets make a deal. E-mail me with any interest, requests, or offers.
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