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Fast rechargeable electric system for isolated power sources

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The present invention relates to an Electro-Mechanical system capable to recharge in short times: seconds or minutes, an electric storage unit, which remains electrically charged, to operate as power source for electric or electronic equipments, for long times: days, weeks or months. This Electro-mechanical system comprises: a converter unit, 1, typically mounted aboard of a vehicle, 4, able to generate the high current intensity and to provide the power conversion. A power connectors system, 3, which allows mechanical and electrical connection between said converter unit, 1, and the energy storage unit, 2. An energy storage unit, 2, enclosed into a box, an housing or a container, 36, provided with special bus-bar terminations, 33, to match with the said power connector, 3, and also provided with adequate sensors, 24.

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- both option are valid:
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- >100M€, all city waste management system can use it.

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