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Safety system photovoltaic panel to avoid electrocution

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Safety System to reduce risk of Electrocution at Photovoltaic Panels Level. The present invention relates to an electronic system and related methods of control, to be used as safety switch at Photovoltaic Panels Level. Said system can solve the dramatic issue of human exposition to electrocution in case of catastrophic event, like: fire, flooding, earthquakes, seaquakes... and also in case of installation or maintenance, without needs of further wiring and installation efforts. Said System comprising: a main switch, 41, in parallel to the Photovoltaic Panel (PVP) and in parallel to the PVP by-pass diode(s), 48, a blocking element(s), 49, a DC/DC converter, 42, an Energy Storage Unit, 44, a Radio Frequency Activation System, 46, a control logic and driver circuitry, 47, a transmitter electronics, 51, located in a nearby area to the PVPs, which, once activated by means of manual intervention of an emergency button (i.e. during installations or maintenance) or by means of intervention of an electronic sensor board, 52, (because fire detection, flooding detection, earthquakes, etc...), transmits the signal information and the method of activation codes with related switches sequences to each PVP safety switch.

Financial information

- Both outright sales ar license with royalties would be accepted.
- Never sold or marketed.
- TAM: >600M€ per year (Yearly EU sales on PVP at 2012).
- No specific condition for sales.
- No other pieces of IP associated. I'm the Author and owner.

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