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EASY Solution for Women with Thin Hair - It's BETTER Than a WIG!

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Thinning hair - especially for women - can be psychologically crippling; I know from personal experience.

The Miracle HairBand is a flattering, yet practical, solution for women in this difficult situation, estimated at 25 million in the U.S. alone. It is a common - although not commonly discussed - problem.

The Miracle HairBand is quite basic: a headband (plain or glitzy) retrofitted with a Velcro-like hook that gently attaches to a monofilament crown of top hair. The headband is the facilitator: it secures the added hair in place - no clips, no glue. The hair will cover much of the wearer's head while allowing the wearer's own hair to show through, as well. The overall effect is exactly as desired - natural and flattering!

There are many instances when a full wig is desirable; there are equally as many times when a much lighter alternative may be ideal. In my experience, issues with existing hair products would include:

- Wigs have too much top hair. For a thin-haired woman, it looks artificial.
- Full head coverage wigs can be oppressive, particularly in heat or humidity.
- TOP coverage hairpieces use "SNAPPY" CLIPS THAT ARE DEATH TO THIN HAIR!
- 3/4 falls and add-ons are useless for thin frontal hair
- Self-consciousness is always an issue, as if people know your "secret."

Confidence is EVERYTHING.


My product addresses - and solves - these problems. For example, the HairBand is low density by design; there is never an issue of too much hair. There is no discernible cap, so the scalp is able to breathe. Also, there is no pulling on the wearer's hair with clips; the headband just slides into place and stays with no stress on the scalp. Finally, the HairBand blends in with your own hair and becomes a part of you ... and if you forget your are wearing it, how will others even suspect? That's confidence.

Good news, too - the Hairband can be enjoyed by any woman who simply wants a fresh new look, or simply a quick fix to a Bad Hair Day.

More good news: the headband is easily interchangeable. Within seconds, the wearer can slip one headband off and slip on another to co-ordinate with their outfit or mood. It's amazing!

Also: The product can be worn to match or contrast the wearer's existing haircolor, as well as a straight, wavy, or curly style. The HairBand may be manufactured with Human hair or a more affordable - but realistic - synthetic alternative. Custom HairBands are also an appealing option for those able to spend a bit more.

The possibilities are endless!

Financial information

I am open to any reasonable offer involving an outright sale of the patent or granting a license with royalties.
Initially, my intention was to present the product to major wig companies or distributors, but was totally frustrated with my inability to communicate on any level with any person capable of making a business decision. Using every method of correspondence currently known to mankind in the 21st century, I was unable to reach anyone beyond a Sales Assistant.

As noted above, there are an estimated 25 million women in the United States alone with thin, or thinning, hair. It's a serious issue to so many, and the potential market - which may include ANY woman who simply wants a quick, fresh look - is HUGE!

The Miracle HairBand has an explosive consumer potential much like hair extensions . . . just a different demographic.

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