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An easy-to-use “handsfree” foot file.

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The product:
Our product is a “handsfree”, ergonomic foot file which you easily add to your shower floor, tiles or bathtub with the help of 3 suction cups, mounted into the bottom "sole" of the file. By simply pressing the set of suction cups towards a smooth surface, the file stays securely in place. For pictures, please see: Link

Advantages & target groups/consumers:
The product is hollowed, which makes it very light. It has an appealing design and creates a nice feature in the bathroom - which most other foot files do not. It enables filing areas of the feet that many other foot files do not reach.

The file can be used by anyone (except children), but is especially suitable for people with overweight and other physical disabilities - regular foot files are often very difficult to use by people with physical disabilities.

Possibilities (sales, production etc):
The foot file has previously been produced (in the Ningbo area) in China and sold by an exclusive licensee. This agreement was terminated some years ago and since we are mainly working with product development, we are now in the process of selling these patents.

With registered patents in both China and USA (further info below), there are great potential and possibilities for extensive sales of this product. For example, by selling the product in the US and keeping the manufacturing in China.
Except for private consumer use with a huge gift market potential, the file also has great potential in B2B sales (hospitals, nursery homes, rehabilitation centers, retirement homes etc).

We have registered customs surveillance of this patent/product with the Chinese customs, based on the Chinese patent, which enables to control the production in China (if decided to be in China) and counterfeits/copies coming out from China. The custom registration will also be included in this deal together with consultant advices regarding these issues and IP strategies, if requested.

The product is made in a plastic material with an abrasive surface. This material covers the whole product. The suction cups are made of plastic.

How to use the foot file:
The user scrubs the foot to the file in a standing, sitting or lying (for bathtub use) position. The file offers very easy ways to scrub different parts of the feet and toes: The rails are shaped for the side of the toes, the vertical walls are shaped for the outside of your feet and toes, the upper part of the file fits the cavity of your foot valve (most hand held foot files can’t reach this area), the rear cavity (the slope) is designed for an instinctively natural downward motion and the frontal cavity of the file is shaped for removing excess skin from the heel.

Please see patent registrations for further details.
Approved National Patent registrations:
US reg no: 8162956
US Design Patent reg no: D577153
China reg no: ZL200680016243.8
Great Britain reg no: 1879514
Germany reg no: 602006048149.7
Sweden reg no: 06733401.1

Patents were filed via a PCT application (PCT/SE2006/000549) filed in 2006 and national entries were applied for in the USA, EPO and China. Please see Link In 2012 patents were registered in the US (US Design Patent reg no D577153) and China (Invention Patent reg no CN ZL200680016243.8). EPO patent application (Patent Application no EP 06733401.1).

The patents can be sold separately, all together and also together with a company, a Swedish Aktiebolag (AB) and with the following domain names for the non registered trademark Lena Feet:
"", "", "", "" with a beautiful designed logotype and package design, design by a professional PR agency in Sweden.

For further information, please contact Anna Juhlin (IP manager)/Falk Inventions AB at [Use the button below to contact me]

Financial information

Please see text above.

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