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[Category : - ELECTRONICS- Fitness- Telecommunications]
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The concept is " What's old is...a NEW way to WEAR it.. again ! "Pager Buckle Device..." as listed with USPTO ..an electronic pager, that is an accessory, to buckle. "incorporate" electronics( radio signal receiving buckle. etc.....etc) into fashions to wear; BUCKLE, electronics " wireless signal" receiving devices, for communication and entertainment. All at ones "waist" (visual, "HIP HOP" accessory buckles )
The " iConcept " iBuckle..? Next generation, of ...iProducts...? You'll wear them ! Fashion and technology all in one ! World Wide Web..to wear ? Pager buckle can be "used" as "holder" too. iBuckle it up !
The "buckle concept" as an electronic, can be a "buckle design" that "houses" existing products; like the "tunebuckle" that "houses" an "ipod nano"...or, buckles, can "be" these " Wearable Electronic Devices...?
designed, to wear, like buckles, when NOT in use/hand. Mobile, visual, ads, pic's, buckle decals...that "display"(stream ) when "cell/device" is in hand; "casing " that houses, cellular/communication devices will have LCD screen, to "show-ads" ?? hints, visual, mobile fashion, technology to wear ! The benefits, next generation...iPhone7...? iTech... iWear !
Communications as a fashion, a fashion, that communicates, style and technologies too ! iBuckle it up

Financial information

I would like to sell this buckle, accessory, as a "new" way to "wear" ones communications..."What's old, is new again...and COOL to wear " ! This U.S. Pat # 6597281 is for sale. make an offer ?

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