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A Baseball Cap attachment for sun protection & advertising

[Category : - Headwear]
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"Dual Use Havelock" An attachment to the hemispheric opening of a baseball cap that can be worn both flipped up into the cap or deployed for sun protection and/or advertising purposes. See pictures used for patent application for a better description.

Patent has not been sold or marketed. There are 7 claims associated with this patent.

Abstract: There is disclosed a havelock or neck shield attachment for a baseball type cap having a hemispheric opening and adjustment strap at the rear thereof and bill in the front, the attachment includes a securement loop portion for securing the attachment to the adjustment strap of the cap. A connector portion has first and second ends and diverging side edges between the first and second ends, the first end being secured to said securement loop forming portion and a deployable neck shield portion connected to the second end of the connector portion. The connector portion is shaped such that when stowed inside the cap, the connector portion fills the hemispheric opening and when deployed the connector portion positions the deployable neck shield in position to protect the user's neck from sun rays. The inside surface of the connector portion can carry decorative surface ornamentation (which can be a team logo) and when in a stowed position, the decorative surface ornamentation is presented for viewing.

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Patent has not been sold or marketed. There are 7 claims associated with this patent.

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