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Flavored Charcoal Bisquettes

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Product description

This product consist of charcoal briquettes in five different flavors; onion, green/red pepper, lemon, garlic and paprika. The majority of grills use charcoal or gas as a fire source. Grilling is a versatile method of cooking that is constantly becoming more popular. Instead of marinating food with spices and juices, which can be time consuming and messy, just pour in your favorite bag of flavored charcoals and let the charcoals add the flavors you desire while cooking. It would eliminate the need for applying spices to raw meat by hand, or remembering to baste the meat in any juices or sauces during cooking. This invention is an adaptation of commercial charcoals, that are just plain, and only use is to cook food. The flavored charcoals can also be used to add flavor to vegetables cooked on the grill.

Current solutions

The object of charcoals is to cook meats or vegetables with direct heat without any spices. To achieve this effect at present, home cooks have several options.

1. Add spices or sauces to meats before or during grilling can be messy.
2. Charcoals are plain and bland, requires addition sauces.
3. Same boring routine of grilling.

Flavored Charcoals clearly makes grilling more exciting and less messy than regular charcoals and additional sauces.

Job identification and market appeal
This invention brings excitement in grilling from the novice cook to the more competitive experience cooks. Many people enjoy cooking food over a charcoal fire, since this method of cooking imparts a delicious taste to food. Sprinkling spices or juices over meats such as steak, fish or chicken can be a messy, time consuming process.

Flavored charcoals not only helps in keeping a healthy eating habit, but also can be used at picnics, parties or camping trips and can be easily carried from one location to another without forgetting the spices. Flavored charcoal with its built in container filled with spices and juice to impart a tasty flavor to food cooked on a grill would catch the attention of many consumers. Consumers are always looking for something new and different to try, and Flavored charcoals with give that to the consumers.


After visiting several large retail and grocery stores, other charcoal briquettes and chips don’t bring the excitement and appeal to the consumer when they are shopping due to the fact they all do basically the same thing. The advantage flavored charcoal has over other charcoals is that is does the seasoning while it cooks.

Suggested distribution

An infomercial or home shopping network channel would be the ideal place to advertise the product and introduce its advantages over other products to the consumers.

Intellectual property

I have a patent currently on file.

Stage of development

I have a designed sketch of the product. See attached designed


Based on a rough estimate and the comparison to other charcoal products, I estimate the cost of goods, depending on the size bag to be approximately $6.00-$15.00 per bag


The size of the charcoals could be larger depending on the size of the bag, and charcoal can be made into the shape of the spice to give a more appeal to the consumer.

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