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GPS Deployable Air-Sea Rescue Craft

[Category : - Life-saving; Fire-fighting- Fishing and hunting- Navigation and orientation]
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On Jan 13th 1982 Air Florida Flight 90 carrying 79 passengers crashed into the Potomac River at 4:06PM. 79 passengers inside the airplane were floating in water, the ambient water temperature 1 degree. All passengers were shaken but alive. By 4:35PM only 5 survivors would live tell the world what happened. Standing on the banks of the Potomac; Mr. Lenny Skutnik – Link

This patent is the result of years of engineering, hour upon heartbreaking hour of watching everything that happened in those 29 minutes of heroic rescue attempts. Explaining everything this patent does would take more room than I have here. Please see photos and visit link for renders and a short video demonstration. My invention addresses almost every problem I could identify faced by Don Usher and Gene Windsor. John and Gene are the 2 rescue chopper aviators called to duty that fateful winter day.

Efficient containment and control of multiple casualty catastrophe sites (airplane crash or ship), efficient leverage of multiple resources, video capacity with remote viewing / remote control, elimination of hypothermia and sun exposure just to name a few

Detachable harness with staging platforms for multiple victim extraction(s), SIX tank-less hot water heaters, multiple self-propelled floating florescent lifelines attached to floating buoys (360 degree) ; all lifelines attached to independently encased 'smart pulley's' - external containment nets (4) with a capacity to hold up to 70 adults, satellite phone(s), flare-guns, multiple sunbrella canopies for exposure, fresh water containers, “sonic-pinger” anti- shark deterrent. More.. Link

Cargo & Commercial Cruise-lines. Off Shore Deep Sea Oil Exploration Platforms. Air-Sea Rescue command units globally. Ocean and lake ports worldwide. Any / all agencies involved in Air-Sea rescue operations. ALL entities involved in the maritime industry are prospects. The world now has an answer. 19th Century dingy lifeboats have joined the bow and arrow. Let’s work together. Money IS important, but MONEY IS NOT my motivating factor here. Please, if you have resources do not wait to make this a reality – you may be saving the life someone you know. Link


Financial information

If each cruise line ship and each of the 1200 plus deep sea oil rigs in the gulf of Mexico had one Skutnick on deck that would be approximately 25M in revenue on an annual basis.
The benefits will come with reduced wrongful death lawsuites, reduced liability insurance premiums, and possibly increased worker productivity knowing that survival of a maritime accident is probable not just possible.

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