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Trunk restriction device for easy tree shaking

[Category : - OTHER- Agriculture- DESIGN PATENTS]
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The "hinged tree" invention consists in 2 pieces joined by bolts that limit the growth of the trunk. It requires to be applied in young trees (1 year) and takes around 5 years to model the trunk until the tree starts production.

This restriction device (a simple wooden press) forces the trunk of any fruit tree to narrow itself assuming a rectangular section, very thin in one direction, extra thick in the perpendicular one as a compensatory mechanism (see diagrams).

The result are shakeable trees, o bendable trees, that can easily be shaken by hand or by a limited shaking machine.

Financial information

Almost half of the bulk price of fruit is related to the pickup / collection stage.

Fruits more suitable for tree shaking are olive, nuts and citrics.

The market for this invention is large enough for fast investment recovery.

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