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Excessive Turbo Generator - An Armageddon Bomb - True That !

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Well, it is an Armageddon Bomb, Infinite Power of EDEN O' Ahme is insane enough to know !i!

in the beginning when me initiates the productive method the humanity eats my shit by saying "are you not aware how many mean minds our humanity has? and you still think you'll come up with an original art work of innovation?"

in the next phase when me struggles to give that method sustainability and make it self motored the humanity again eats my shit by saying "it really is a master piece but we already have it plagiared it from you, published by some of our many certified scientific spokesman-s (it is for your good, they are the first on the front to take the slap by the gentleman's glove from the public) so the salary for it is already given to others... you go do something else useful about it"

then me penetrates all the barriers and the humanity still eats my shit by saying "okay, so you got your self a patent, a patent for an Armageddon Bomb, you want to sell it well and finally build that Armageddon Dome House for your and three other families... but is there anybody incapable of patenting an AJVAR recipe (Macedonian meal from red pepper)? try harder next time"

in the end when my E=WC^2 production overloads the world with the so-much-desired brown stuff and humanity is top-stuffed they come to tell me, me won "You know this flies in the face of 150 years of economic theory? Yes, it does sir. Don't you think it is a rather presumptuous? It is sir. Well, Excellency Dedanoe Unlishnidaos... with a break trough of this magnitude... i am confident you can have any placement you like. Wheeler Labs... "

Hi 27U8A, UC4, 666 ??? oooh Buddha's Palm Satan, but 926... 6U9 4 9U1 !!! 66 up front and 26 from behind certainly not as for 69 in the middle of 666926 that one you just might gonna get it... only discretely ander some angle... KOSOVONOS

Financial information

i am looking for an outright sale (1 billion mk denari) in the manner of 148-841: you buy one patent from me and get to own all the other patents present and future. because i want to retire from the patent business.

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