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Self closing Spill and drip free pour spout.

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Patent for sale or license
Self closing drip and spill proof pour spout which threads on to oil, antifreeze or windshield washer fluid containers. The container can then be inverted over the receptical to receive the fluid, the spout placed into the receptical and the fluid despensed by pressing down on the container. when desired amount of fluid has been reached, lift up the container and the spout closes. This eliminates the use of messy funnels and prevents fluids from spilling on the vehicle and contaminating the environment. The spout can be stored or can be left on the container for further use. This product is currently marketed under the name POUR PAL and can be viewed by googling it or contacting myself at
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Financial information

I am looking for a company or individual willing to apply their expertise and follow through with this expertise and
the financial commitment to move this product forward in the marketplace.
I am confident that with this commitment, the marketing of this product can be a very lucrative venture for all involved.

My first preference is to sell the patent outright. I would consider only reasonable offers
lesser offers negotiated with a royalty.

My second option would be to license the patent and the licensee would manage all cost of production and marketing.
I would require a negotiated royalty paid quarterly and a reasonable signing bonus at the time the contract is signed.
A negotiated minimum quarterly royalty will be a condition of the contract as a performance incentive.

My third option would be to take on a business partner.
I would supply the product and they supply marketing and sales for a negotiated financial split.

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