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Approximations/Algorithm Without Matrix Inversion – AWMI

[Category : - SOFTWARES]
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The originally developed AWMI for linear/nonlinear approximation appears useful,
especially for models with great number of the parameters. This model is unique because we may use even more parameters than the available data points.
In /1/ has been done the definition of the AWMI approach as well as the comparison to the results of the Gaus-Newtons algorithm. This approach has been developed further in
/2/ approving the absolute convergence Theorem of the AWMI in the [0,1] space. These
two fundamental papers may be received from author for simply 50 $.
Alternatively one may get a C source program analyzing spectrum in an interactive way
with convenient options: taking whole/part spectrum, smoothing to the wanted level, choosing the Gaussian/Lorentzian/together model, et cet.

/1/ I.A.Slavic et al., Nucl.Instr.&Meth., 134 (1976) pp. 285-289
/2/ I.A.Slavic et al. Mikrochim.Acta(1992)[Suppl.] 12: 161-171

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