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System and Method that determines when to upgrade computers

[Category : - SOFTWARES- Computers and computer accessories ]
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UPDATE October 2017:: There is a high likelihood that several companies are infringing on this patent. Initial claims charts are available.

Most large corporations have sophisticated software that analyzes the performance of the computer servers used to run their business (i.e. accounting systems, databases, CRM, etc.). However, when it comes to their employee’s laptops and desktops, they typically just replace those machines on a 3 year cycle. The reason they do it this way is because it is difficult to determine if those machines really need to be replaced or not (i.e. determining whether the actual usage constitutes the expenditure). This is problematic for a couple of reasons:

1) Some of those machines do not need to be replaced at all. Others just need simple memory, hard drive, or cpu upgrades. Often companies are spending capital needlessly on new computer workstations, and getting no benefit from it.

2)Sometimes, because of the type of work of the employee, the computer workstation they use is underpowered. This, naturally, results in less productivity.

The invention, U.S. Patent 7,228,371, provides a system and method for determining the actual usage of computer workstations, and automatically determines if those machines should be completely replaced, or if one or more specific components of each machine should be upgraded. It does this in a very non-intrusive fashion, and provides a real ROI to corporations.

The general thought is that this system and method, once developed, could be sold as a service to corporations. The service could be low cost to deliver, and might generate a yearly revenue stream from each corporation, since corporations typically will budget yearly for capital expenditures and would need refreshed workstation usage data to make informed decisions.

In addition to the patent, an initial version of the requirements has been drafted that detail what software needs to be built. It’s likely that the development time is not significant (~2-3 months), and could be performed by a small team of 1-3 software developers.

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