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Child and little people bathroom stool helper

[Category : - Bathroom]
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This is a strong plastic device like what you see for basketball goal posts. It is an easy piece to manufacture by tumble molding. It is hollow to be filled with water or antifreeze to hold it solid. It is to be filled completly to create a LIQUID LOCK. This is so if a heavy person should step on it it will not collapse. If you measure from your heel when you are sitting on the bathroom stool you will see that there is about six '6' inches that can be used for this device. As the devices on the market are complicated and dangerous for children. In public restrooms the stool are too high for children and little people. All they have to do is step on this and they can be at a good height for the stool. It will be good for home use. If they are mass produced they should not be too expensive.


I am not greedy and have one patent 6446422. I am just a poor thinker that likes to get my ideas out there, Thanks Rex 503-256-1064

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