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For centuries, people have been suffering from discomforts and pains due to pillow deformation which, once happened, the only way to stop is to change their pillows. Some people blame the pillow materials; some blame the heights, constructions etc. although there is no exact ways of fighting against pillow deformation, the main reason of sleeping discomforts and illnesses.

Today there is a real counter-pillow-deformation pillow; "Contracks Pillow", a newly patented counter-pillow-deformation technology, to slow down pillow deformation and help pillow users sleep more healthily and comfortably:

1. Pillow deformation harms our pillow first before harming us; those who always get asleep with difficulty and could sleep for only just two or three hours will know that lumpy pillows are providing insufficient, uneven and uncomfortable supports to our heads so that we will always wake up very tired with painful neck, back and shoulders.

2. Some pillows stress on comfort and some on health; "Contracks Pillow" takes care of both with confidence. It consists of fourteen pillow segments linked up together to form a continuous track able to rotate and periodically change positions of the head compressed areas preventing pillow deformation which will happen on all pillows of whatever materials, constructions, sizes etc. Its long-lasting product cycle is ideal for investors and manufacturers to build up new pillow brands or add enhancing selling points to existing pillow brands.

3. Now is the right time; here is the right place and you the right person to invest in this right pillow, "Contracks Pillow".

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Successfully applied "Contracks Pillow" Patents:
China Patent no. ZL201020552599.7; and
Hong Kong Patent no. 10108724.4.
All PCT Patents are ready for applications.

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