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new alimentary products by water electrolysis in oven

[Category : - Cooking]
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This patent is water electrolysis (based on fuel cells) in presence of meats & fruits & vegetables & others alimentary matters and products.
Note 1) In this formula may be use from the heat energy (and all other energies) substitute of electric current energy for water electrolysis.
Note 2) all of the different kinds of alimentary raw materials & products are generalize for use in this patent for example flour (and or farina) for producing bread & cake & biscuit & confection and others.
Note3) in this patent may be use from the raw materials for obtaining of alimentary products by using of combinational analysis , for understanding of combinational analysis look to the answer to the ask in the following
Ask : How many chemical compounds & or mixtures may be have with this raw matters?
Raw matters are : - A – B – C – D - answer : AB – AC – AD – BC – BD – CD – ABC – ABD – BCD –
Note 4) This patent only usable in big kitchen as a big kitchen of hotels & restaurants & inns and motels and others because using from the capsules for keeping of hydrogen & oxygen gases (molecules) in houses is very dangerous and meanwhile is not economical.
Note 5) name of this patent may be “watelysis oven ” that is abbreviated of “water electrolysis” and is a brand or trade name.
Note 6) Now new processes for water electrolysis under to the following :
1) pressure electrical analysis 2) electrical analysis by using porous electrodes 3) electrical analysis of vapor (steam) in high temperature 4) solid polymer electrolyte (SPE process) 5) heat analysis of water 6) Ferro – vapor (steam) 7) photochemical process 8) catalyzing analysis of ammoniac process 9) catalyzing analysis of methane process.

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