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This is a new, patented automatic sectional garage door. The door opening is going up, where it folds up like an accordion, saving considerable space inside promise and reducing the overall design. The working prototype is already running for a long time, demonstrating reliability and convenience. This garage door can be produced of pair number of sections from 2 to 8. The 2-sectional design easily wins the consumer interest due to the convenience of use, low cost of construction and possibility to be produced in automatic and manual versions. Models with 4 sections and more are suitable better as a new exterior element, because made of glass and metal it will have a very presentable view, impeccably fitting into any modern facade, where the speed and quietness of the opening operation further emphasize the status of the owner. Prototype in action you can see here: Link
I have no ability to launch this project by myself from one side but from another I do not want this patent to be abandoned so I am selling it cheap.
I will provide all know-how support for you because I want to make my ideas work.

Financial information

Patent on this invention is proposed for sale and/or licensing. Patent outright sale price is $15.000,00 (fifteen thousand dollars). As an inventor, developer and expert I can provide all the technical support and help in developing and creation the serial product.

e-mail: [Use the button below to contact me]
Phone: +48 731 562 730 Poland
But, sorry, I am bad in speaking on English, so please write.
I am waiting for your interest. Thanks.
Vladimir Godovalov

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