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Water & Flame Resistant Stucco (Patent 7320729)

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We are currently seeking investors and/or manufacturing companies to enter into a royalty agreement, licensing or to purchase the patent rights for our high performance Water & Flame Resistant ZY-KOTE stucco invention.
ZY-KOTE is the only patented Water & Flame Resistant stucco formula in today's market.
Moisture infiltration is an enormous problem when utilizing a conventional stucco system in residential and commercial projects. It is the number one complaint from customers today. This problem leads to extensive and costly lawsuits and repairs. Moisture infiltration causes cracking in the stucco and promotes mold and mildew growth. This eventually leads to corrosion and deterioration of the underlying structure.
The use of ZY-KOTE stucco is a major step forward to eliminate the major problems caused by faulty installation and the existing stucco products.
Our invention is Hi-Tech, fail safe and is an extremely attractive product to the construction industry. When applied, in the same manner as conventional stucco, you will not notice any difference; except to reap the benefits from its performance.
Some of ZY-KOTE advantages are
1) It repels 75% more moisture;
2) Cures (min) 12% harder; &
3) Doubles the flame resistance.
ZY-KOTE Water and Flame Resistant Stucco features a patented dual action formula to resist moisture and fight the growth of mold and mildew. The Crystalline Waterproofing Technology continues to work evan after the stucco cures, preventing water from reaching metal reinforcing and protecting against deterioration. The Flame Retardant agent in our mixes, during laboratory test, doubled the flame resistance of that of conventional stucco products, The proprietary admixture agents in our formula keep working after the surface structure has cured and produces a long lasting protection against water and flame penetration.

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