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Very high current electrical transfer switch

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Feb. 14, 2009

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We are a team of developers that are presenting a very important invention, relating to a new and advance design of a Power Transfer Switch by one of our inventers. The power switch has not had any major changes since its invention many decades ago. This model is completely deferent from anything you have seen before in Power Transfer Switch. The way of manufacturing transfer or power switches will be changed forever, because of the more efficient way of making contact on all the surfaces of the contacting elements. One of the of major changes is in the way the electrical contact are made, which is a very efficient use of the contact area. Also I would like to point out that not only is this an industrial power transfer switch but also an industrial power switch. The following is a list of the advantages of this switch.
1) It has more contact area than any of the power switches in use today.
2) Since it has more contact area it can carry more current. There for, it has virtually no limit to very high currents for example 40,200, 3000, 6000 8000 Amp. Or higher
3) It auto cleans the contact area because the contact slide into place.
4) It can be made in modular form.
5) This switch is much smaller for the high currents it can carry.
6) The switch as such has less moving parts.
7) Because of the way it is designed it is more rugged for continues use.
8) This switch can be made manual, auto or both.
9) Because it has a linear design and fewer parts it is easier to build.
10) This transfer switch can be made MBBTS or BBMTS.
11) This switch can be well applied for high frequency because the higher the frequency the more the current tends to travel on the surface.

This power switch is patented by the USPTO. Patent number 7,115,823. If you are interested in more information please email us. This switch still has not been manufacture at any level. Therefore the first to will have a good lead.

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