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Ultra sonic 3-Diminsional CASTING with COMPOSITES

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.. ULTRASONIC 3D fiber interlacement.....Composite objects are restricted to a simple "lay-up technique" of multiple layers of two dimensional, x-y axis, woven cloth... These simple layered objects are restricted to modestly curved structures because there is no active "cross-chaining" or third axis fiber interlacement between between layers and therefore delaminating strength or third axis strength is very low... Even short "chopped" fiber layup techniques still lay fibers in simple x-y layers....Restricted to 2 dimentional "Layer" fabrication prevents molding or "casting" complex, three-dimensionally strong, "fully interlaced" objects. This new art fiber and process is the first method, fiber and process which can "mold or cast" complex objects with true three directional interlaced of fibers! This is accomplished by the three-dimensional migration of purposely formed small fibers. Formed fibers with a sharp end, lateral locking holes and a concave "propulsion" end to cause it migrate "foward" until it engades other fibers and interlaces or meshes and locks together by the application of external impulses through the suspending media by resonant fluid [standing] waves caused by a cycling field of mold wall mounted ultrasonic transducers... This DRIVEN "mechanical interlacement" forms an ever tightening mass of interlacement configuring to the internal walls of the mold shape. The surplus resin is pressed-out with additional meshed fibers introduced by compression of this surplus interlaced material into the mold through a piston backed mold sprue, then simple chemical polymerization locks the now densely interlaced fibers together. These fibers and process make possible for the FIRST TIME high quality "CASTING" of complex shaped, fully interlaced composite objects in fiberglass or carbon fiber. Objects which maintain strength in the x, y and Z axis without delamination. Please review the complete application at the USPTO using the number below and download the TIFF viewer to review the images. License this revoluntionary fiber and process for a % of net sales or out-right assignment. Have your own, patent protected, high margin business with unlimitted product lines. NOTICE OF ALLOWANCE has been recieved, this is now a patent!!!! Questions, comments or proposals are invited... Email: [Use the button below to contact me]

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