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.. Acoustic insulations are mineral wool, steel wool or similar fibers arrayed in random patterns and formed into shaped panels for acoustic attenuation or sound reduction. The effectiveness to attenuate, interrupt, reflect, refract, disperse, phase-shift, reduce and absorb acoustic energy is related to the weight of the fiber and the panel's density [weight per volume] and total weight. .Effective acoustic panels are very heavy and very expensive. .Commonly containing sandwiches of foams with oscillating lead sheets to convert orabsorb the sound vibration, through moving the mass, converting sound into "work" heat. Increasing general density [weight per volume] through fiber size, fiber weight, fiber per volume, or overall panel thickness or absorption lead barriers does increases acoustic efficacy "within but also increases the negatives of expense, weight and first surface reflectivity. The negatives increase more rapidly than the desirable acoustic qualities in a decreasing cost effectiveness. This new generation of lighter more efficient acoustic suppression is is based on "TUNED and consumptive coupled movement", many active "tuned acoustic elements" for specific target frequencies move in "dampened NON-harmonic sympathy" with the offensive noise. A unique, new method for increased the effectiveness in "acoustic consumption" of the "coupled mass, dampening effect".. . A revolutionary increase in the ability to control the "frequency specific" response by using of millions of individual "tuned acoustic densities" with little increase in "general density". Making entire panels FREQUENCY SPECIFIC.. A lighter more cost effective panel with hundreds of "tuned acoustic units" per cubic inch! .This decreases surface hardness, "first surface reflectivity" and allows the acoustic energy deeper into the material where it is intercepted, altered, dissipated and consumed by this new class of tunable, "coupling densities". A totally new art fibers having unique FOCAL areas of acoustically "tunable or variable mass units" as segmented enlargements along the fairly constant diameter fiber. Each "acoustic unit" consists of a "variable length suspension fiber" connected to a "variable weight mass" which "together" act as individual, separately tunable "frequency pendulums" or tunable units. .Each acoustic segment is impacked by the matching sound energy to "couple with and move in sympathy" or harmony. The coupled movement is not an acoustically additive or summation harmony because it is supportive fibers, side to side, are unequal in length and therefor "constantly dampening the excited movement". This driven movement is dampened by it's own miss-match of continuing supportive fiber side to side! .This coupled or driven but dampened movement is "work" and effectively consumes [work into heat], attenuates, phase shifts, disorganises and attacks any separate freq. of acoustic energy. . Continuous, uneven fibers can never be harmonic as in sympathetic movement and can be tuned to attack multiple separate frequencies at the same time. By varying the fiber size and length between masses and the size, weight and shape of the suspended masses, a highly effective, tunable, broad spectrum [many f's], acoustic dampening of frequency specific coupled density material is created. Each of the many mass centers begin to osillate freeely in all four axis, x,y,z and rotation with multiple primary waves plus their odd harmonics to consume many broad spectrum acoustic energies through this "controlled dampening of continued movement". THIS IS THE WORLDS MOST EFFECTIVE ACOUSTIC MATERIAL IN WEIGHT PER VOLUME EVER! Raytheon/Beechcraft put a hundred passive acoustic tuned circuits in their King Airs for several HUNDRED thousand dollars, BUT panels of this NEW material could install several hundred thousand tuned consumptive acoustic centers for only hundreds of dollars!!! Please review the complete application at the USPTO with the number below.... License to manufacture at a % of net sales.... Questions, comments or proposals are invited... Email: [Use the button below to contact me]

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