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Hi efficiency DIP TUBE for WATER HEATER

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.. Water heater efficiency can be doubled by the prevention of early admixture of the in-flowing cold water with the already heated water of the tank... The purpose of a dip tube is to take this incoming cold water to statically to the bottom of the tank, leaving the hot water undisturbed or stratified in the upper tank... Turbulence caused by the old style round termination and vertical, direct out-flow tube "jetting" against the tank bottom quickly admixes and converts the total volume of hot water "prematurely" into warm water.... Admixing can cause up to a 40% drop in temperature with only 15% out-flow of tank volume....Admixture KILLS efficiency... The hot water is consumed prematurely heating the incoming water!!! ...THE NEW "efficient" water heater must keep the hot and cold water separate and PROTECT the already heated water... .This problem is corrected by this new art water heater dip tube having a horizontal, round "formed distal end" and special "slit" orifices distributing the incoming flow over a broad area and in a "quite", "non-turbulent" thin FAN flow pattern. The new art dip tube having a widely distributed, half-circle, bottom contouring shape with multiple NON-ROUND but THIN straight orifices of a progressive size, number, unique fan shape, pattern and location for minimizing turbulence and reducing the admixture of cold entrance water with the heated water of the tank... The unique "slit-like" outlet orifices, prevents the "onion ring layering" of "round laminar flow" in the outlet columns which carries and projects flow great distances.... The long, narrow, "fan shaped" orifices cause thin, weak, local dissipation and non-energetic dispersion just next to the outlets wall.... Narrow, fan-like "slits" have NO laminar flow.... Low flow projection... Flow is contained quietly to the very bottom of the tank... Thermal efficiency through stratification is protected.... This dip tube is capable of existing retrofit or new manufacture.... these new dip tubes can be "dropped-in" at new manufacture with NO-significant increase in cost or change in manufacturing steps and more importantly easyly retrofitted to existing water heaters. The perfect dip tube... .Please review the complete PATENT [letter of allowance recieved] at the USPTO using the number below. License to manufacture for a % of net sales or outright patent assignment. Have your own easy start up, patent protected, high margin, B2B product line, over 100 million installed base. Thermoform high efficiency dip tubes for all the water heater manufacturers and retrofit home improvement centers. The most cost effective improvement anyone can make to a water heater... Patent Granted!!! Questions or comments are invited.. Email: [Use the button below to contact me]

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