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[Category : - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- Automotive Accessories - RENEWABLE ENERGY]
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A compound or folded torsion element spring system composed of one or more folded elements creating the first fully controllable, high efficiency, COMPOUND, true torsioning energy control system. Prior torsion springs have continuous parallel straight elements with the load end and an opposite or fixed end where one or more elements are secured uniformly or as one. These previous systems have inefficient working elements which quickly develop high internal stresses and have limited load resistance and rotational range. The new art has multiple limited diameter, full-floating elements which allows for the individual selection or de-selection of individual folded elements and for the non-uniform biasing or pre-loading of the individual elements. The selection of total torsion strength, bias and pre-load are almost unlimited and the system can act in "real time" as a dynamically controlled spring or energy absorption system "during" the very wide arc swing of the load arm. With MULTIPLE FOLDED or COMPOUNDED ELEMENTS, almost unlimited ranges of rotation can be accomplished. This is the only true dynamic, wide load range, wide arc range, rate and load controlled spring or energy accumulation and recovery system. The "folding or compounding" of the elements allows a torsion system with HIGHER DEGREES OF ROTATION at a more efficient CONSTANT LOAD. Greater arc range equals greater more uniform energy toleration, absorption, storage and recovery. Perfect for Electric Vehicles for range extension. This system is the most variable, most efficient spring system available and is designed as the basis for multiple products and CIP patents for both vehicle and general use. PCT's applied for international coverage. Please review the complete description at the USPTO with the application number below and download the free TIFF viewer for full images. The most efficient, most controllable spring/energy system in the world. Please read the full explanation of torsion function and compare with the sister patent already granted for the unfolded "parallel element" version of this system, US patent 7,527,251. PLEASE THINK OF THE TWO SYSTEMS combined and giving efficient, unlimited load and arc capacity!! E-mail: [Use the button below to contact me]

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