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Realtime Mileage Meter for all automobiles

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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This device shows the actual mileage of the automobile at any point in time.

When a driver is driving above the recommended speed, the device shows that the mileage has dropped and when the automobile is running at an optimum speed, the device shows that the mileage is high. When this device is incorporated in the dashboard of the automobile, it is certain that the driver would try and maximise the mileage by driving at a speed which gives him the highest mileage.

Similarly, many drivers due to the lack of this information, do not drive in the correct gear, thereby consuming much higher fuel.

Besides saving fuel, the device ensures lower overall emissions, lower maintenance costs, reduced accidents and fatalities on roads.

India has nearly 100 million vehicles on road. Even if a small portion of these vehicles deploy the device, the profits can be huge.

The device also has great potential for carbon credits.

The Patent is granted in India and the Indian Patent No. is 194637. The design ensures no one can bypass the patent by making small modifications to it.

If interested, please email your quote giving your contact address and telephone numbers.

Financial information

Outright sale or license.
As the patent is valid for the entire territory of India, it has huge value

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