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Fire escape apparatus

[Category : - Life-saving; Fire-fighting]
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Life Saving Fire escape apparatus comprising a main elongated hollow tubular member with an elongated slot and a relatively short auxiliary tubular member of similar construction. The main member is mounted on an exterior building wall and the auxiliary member extends therefrom to a building opening such as a door or window. A spherical member at the end of a flexible connecting line running to a building occupant is entered in the auxiliary tubular member and is controlled in its descent by frictional engagement with gradually arcuate spring-like members. This invention is for every one of us ,if you enter a building multi story or a skyscraper .you could save your life and your loved ones ..think about it being trapped above the fire on 11 th floor and nothing works elevator or the stairs consumed with smoke and darknes ..hopefully none of us have to experience that ..but just in case like a insurance ..when it happens (I'll be allright )

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