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NASCAR related Houseware/Novelty product

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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This product is comparable in quality to the expensive ice trays selling at ALL major retailers. However, mine boast incredibly detailed 1/64 size NASCAR style race cars. These are the same general size of existing ice trays and stackable too. Why do they continue to sell ice trays in every major store? Because people buy them. So why would anybody pass this product over to purchase a traditional tray that produces squares when it can be sold for the same price? These molds will produce Jell-0, Chocolate, Ice, Food, and Crafts items with awesome detail. Patent comes with all rights AND a very expensive two-cavity P-20 steel tool capable of producing hundreds of thousands of trays.
I have sold over 20,000 packages of these to small NASCAR novelty stores and wholesalers. They need to be in a major retail outlet to make someone very rich. Wal-Mart for example would sell a million of these in the first six months.
I am not a marketing person and have no desire to deal with all of that. I want to pursue my next idea.
I have several pictures, please ask.

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