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AMINO FUSION chewing gum

[Category : - Food- HEALTH- Fitness]
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Amino Fusion is a new chewing gum that is made with precise pharmaceutical grade "Essential Branched Chain Amino Acids".
Chewing this gum causes a nutrient delivery system of the branched chain amino acids to be released from the gum composition into the mucous lining in the mouth. It mixes with the saliva as the gum is chewed, supplying a constant supply of these branched chain amino acids into the body. This process is know as "SUBLINGUAL ABSORPTION"...
This method has a competitive advantage over the rest of any chewing gum and powder and pill supplements! With Amino Fusion chewing gum, amino Acids are absorbed 230% faster then just taking powder or pill form amino acids. While taking powder or pill form amino acids, almost 2/3 will get destroyed by the stomache acids and catabolized by the liver before it has a chance to reach the blood stream! Since AMINO FUSION bypasses the stomache and liver, there's NO LOSS during transport, plus you avoid the problems associated with the powder/pill form aminos. These include intestinal cramping, diarrhea, and bloating...
Chew a piece 20-minutes before a workout or any physical activity to keep the aminos available in the bloodstream. Then chew another piece after your physical activity. This will deliver the essential amino acids quicker into the muscles.
We wanted the fastest, easiest, and best way to save people the most money and MAXIMISE the ABSORPTION RATE. No more going from the mouth straight to the digestive tract like with powder and pills. With AMINO FUSION chewing gum, it's from the mouth, straight to the blood stream!! Why chew a ordinary piece of gum when you can burn fat, tone muscle, and have energy with AMINO FUSION???
People need amino acids in there body and more importantly, they need the essential amino acids. These essential amino are what your body can't produce! These are the "building blocks" of protien. These help burn fat, boost protien synthesis, build muscle, endurance, and recovery. The body is made up of 22 different aminos and only 14 of these, the body produces on its' own. Those are called NON-ESSENTIAL amino acids. The last 8 are ESSENTIAL. These are what the body can't produce! It must come from outside sources like food and supplements.
With AMINO FUSION chewing gum, you avoid all these pitfalls. Every dose goes straight to the blood stream and not wasted by stomache acids and what ever is left, catabolized by the liver. This all means MAXIMUM ABSORPTION for QUICKER RESULTS!!!


1). Correct dose everytime (bypass digestive system)


3). Convenient--No mixing, No measuring, and No mess

4). Great flavors

5). Sugar free

6). Taken without water

7). Counter act dry mouth

8). Fast onset action

* I will give you my Manufacture that produce these also. I also have a partial web-site that goes with this. The web site is almost complete...patent pending...

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