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Right Spot Laser Level

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- Tools- ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING]
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This is a hand-held, pocket-sized tool that will make running conduit easier, straighter and faster. This tool when set on a piece of metallic pipe is turned on and a small dot is sent to the spot where the hanging bracket will be placed. The hole is drilled and the laser is pivoted in the same spot to where the next bracket needs to be drilled. This allows perfect alignment of holes for the supports. Two people can use this item to speed up hanging and connecting of pipe or allows one person assistance. There is a patent on this item and an injection mold is available.

Financial information

I am looking to sell this patent outright. I have personally sold many to tradesmen in supply houses and on jobsites and they loved the product. I know that it is a good tool and that the marketing potential is high on commerical jobsites to which the cities have constant demands for commerical work. Sprinkler fitters, plumbers, HVAC and electricians all can use this item and it does save man hours and is a safety tool also. Plus it is packaged at the right size for an ideal stock stuffer!

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