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Seat with increased safety and comfort and vehicles with it.

[Category : - OTHER- Automotive Accessories - Baby products]
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These seats are constructed in such a way to increase the safety against side impact, and to better follow the natural position of the body during seating and sleeping in a car or any other transport vessel.rnrnCompared to existing seat designs, these seats are increasing the safety and comfort level of the passengers by following the spontaneous position of the body during seating and sleeping.rnrnThis is appiclable for both fseats which are built in the cars, busses, trams, trains, ships, airplanes and for child seats which are purchased rnon the open market for small users.rnrnUsers of these seats are better protected and sleep longer.

Financial information

- I am looking for a partner to apply this design in their car child seats or seats for vehicles in general
- Royalty should be either as royalty per each piece produced, or one time pay out for unlimited rights.

- Market potential fo vehicle and child seats is on the order of several billion euros per year globally.

- All OEMs and producers of child seats for vehicles will be interested in this, as these seats improve the safety and comfort level of passengers. They also bring new innovative outlook to the vehicle cabin..

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