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Discovered technique in the Automation of Documents

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The current government way is 100 - 3,000 keystrokes.
I can do it in 3 simple way… Copy, Paste, Print!

It is not acceptable to submit only your name written on a piece of paper
along with the payment in requesting for a permit or document to a
government agency.

The government needs to collect complete information of the applicants.
This needs 1,000 keystrokes per sheet more or less to complete the job.

My designed system reduces the process, including auto-paste ID photo,
artful background and others in 3 keystrokes. It's that easy, error-free!

It's 3 keystrokes versus 3,000 manual keystrokes!

Let's create business that stands out in the market!

If you have expertise and the capital to invest, this is your chance to be part
of a business on equal footing. I am open to your bright business ideas.

Make an offer.

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