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IoT Based Electrical Toothbrush and Flosser

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Electric toothbrush & flosser with dual-axis vibrating head and IoT (Internet of Things) control system provides an electric device for cleaning external and interdental surfaces.

Proper, complete, and accurate cleaning of external and interdental surfaces using manual toothbrushes and floss requires training and practice in the relevant techniques. Mastering and correctly applying these techniques is challenging for many individuals, especially children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Incomplete cleaning of teeth can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, dental sensitivity, and more.

This invention addresses this problem by providing an electric device that, by changing the head, can function both as a toothbrush and a flosser. The head of this device features dual-axis vibration with adjustable frequency, helping the user to clean all surfaces of their teeth completely and in minimal time with minimal necessary training. The vibrating motion of the head includes a rotational back-and-forth vibration and an angular fanning back-and-forth movement. The required electrical energy for this device is supplied by a rechargeable lithium battery.
An interactive smart control system based on the Internet of Things (IoT) notifies the user (or users) of brushing and flossing times, monitors and controls the brushing and flossing conditions, interacts with the user through audio and visual messages (multimedia), and provides necessary guidance during brushing and flossing. A three-axis accelerometer and gyroscope sensor embedded in the handle of the device analyzes the user's hand movements and cleaning time and sends this information to the interactive control system to provide the necessary guidance to the user.

Additionally, the IoT-based smart control system calculates the useful lifespan of each toothbrush head and flosser tool and notifies the user when it is time to replace them. The control system can also order and purchase new toothbrush heads, flosser tools, and toothpaste online from e-commerce stores when the supplies run out."

How It Works:
This device includes two main parts:
a) An electric toothbrush/flosser handle with a dual-axis vibrating head.
b) A Base which includes IoT based multimedia control unit, wireless electromagnetic charging base & additional replaceable heads for other family members.

The handle and its head feature a two-axis vibrating motion with adjustable frequency. This assists the user in efficiently and effectively cleaning the outer and interdental surfaces with minimal necessary training, in the shortest possible time. The vibrating motion of the device's head includes both rotary oscillation and angular fanning reciprocating movements. The necessary electrical energy for the handle is supplied by a rechargeable lithium battery.

Important Note: If we follow the naming conventions of existing commercial electric toothbrushes and decompose these rotational and angular movements into Cartesian components, this invention should be considered as having a four-axis motion head.

A passive RFID tag is mounted Inside each replaceable heads of this device, which can either be a toothbrush head or a flosser tool. The internal memory of these tags can store the type of head (toothbrush or flosser) and its specifications (brush shape, bristle hardness, floss thickness and type, suitable device speed for oscillating motion, lifespan, etc.). These details are stored in the RFID tags' memory at the head manufacturing facility. Additionally, to facilitate easy identification and prevent any mistake, each user's toothbrush and flosser heads are marked with unique colors.

An interactive smart control system based on the Internet of Things (IoT) notifies users of their brushing and flossing times; it monitors and controls brushing and flossing conditions by analyzing signals from the accelerometer & gyroscope sensor embedded in the handle of the electric toothbrush/flosser. It interacts with the user via multimedia messages and provides necessary guidance during brushing and flossing.
A part of this control system is housed in the base, and another part is located in the handle of the electric toothbrush/flosser. The IoT based control system and its interactive program connects to the global internet via Wi-Fi and communicate with users' smartphones and online stores.

Each user connects with the interactive smart control system of the electric toothbrush/flosser through an application installed on their smartphones. Users can set their desired brushing and flossing schedules, specify and adjust the appropriate oscillating (vibrating) speed for their toothbrush and flosser, and make other necessary settings via this app. The app sends each user's information and settings to the interactive smart control system over the internet for storage.

On the other hand, the interactive program in the base has a database containing details about each user’s Personal Information (Name, age, possible disabilities, etc.), his/her toothbrush/flosser heads specifications, the number of new heads available, the number of used heads, the operating hours elapsed, and the remaining lifespan of each head, as well as the type of toothpaste used by family members, purchase dates, initial toothpaste volume, and approximate depletion time. Using this information, the smart interactive program can order replacement heads and toothpaste online from connected e-commerce stores as needed, ensuring supplies are provided before they run out. Purchase information is first sent to the family head for approval and payment before the order is placed with the e-commerce stores.

The interactive smart control system communicates with the app installed on the user's phone via the internet, notifying users of their scheduled flossing and brushing times. Upon receiving the notification, the user approaches the device. The smart control system displays the user’s information, including name, color of the toothbrush and flosser head, type of head (brush or flosser), and its specifications (brush shape, bristle hardness, floss thickness, etc.), guiding the user to attach the appropriate head to the handle of the electric toothbrush/flosser and position it in front of the RFID reader sensor located on the base for verification. If the head is verified by the control system, the electric motor in the handle is activated via Bluetooth, and the device starts operating. If not, the user is prompted to attach the correct head and repeat the process.

A three-axis accelerometer & Gyroscope sensor embedded in the handle analyzes the user’s hand movements and cleaning time, transmitting the collected data via Bluetooth to the interactive control system in the base. Based on the received data, the interactive control system provides guidance through a multimedia program, delivering instructions via audio messages, animations, and training videos. For example, during flossing, the system displays graphic/animation hints for the correct flossing method for each set of teeth (molars, canines, and incisors for the upper/lower and left/right jaw) on its screen, guiding the user to floss the interdental space of the specified teeth. The system monitors the appropriate flossing duration for each area using the three-axis accelerometer & gyroscope sensor data to avoid over or under flossing. Once the control system verifies thorough and correct cleaning of the specified area, it prompts the user to clean the next section with the necessary guidance. The same process applies during brushing.

To motivate young or disabled users, the device's control program can utilize games or cartoon animations with attractive, user-selectable characters to provide necessary guidance. Upon correct and complete flossing and brushing, rewards are offered based on the user’s performance. These rewards vary according to the user’s age and preferences: unlocking cartoon characters based on points earned for children, to discount coupons for purchasing replacement heads from online stores for adults, and so on.

Users who brush or floss more than once a day might not always be home to access the device at scheduled times. In such cases, they can use a manual toothbrush and floss, marking the cleaning session as completed in their phone app.

Advantages of the This Invention Compared to Prior Devices:
1- **Dual Functionality**: This Invention can function both as an electric toothbrush and an electric flosser by simply changing the head. This provides a comprehensive, quick, and easy solution for cleaning external and interdental surfaces, unlike prior devices which only offer one function (either brushing or flossing).
2- **Dual-Axis Vibrating Head**: This invention features a head with dual-axis vibration, including a rotational oscillating movement and an angular fanning back-and-forth movement (referred to as four-axis motion in Cartesian coordinates), enhancing cleaning efficiency and performance. Existing electric toothbrushes have dual-axis oscillating motion (rotational and linear back-and-forth, traditionally known as three-axis), and electric flossers have single-axis oscillating motion.
3- **Replaceable Components**: The toothbrush and flosser heads in this invention are independently replaceable from the oscillating mechanism. Users can replace worn-out brush heads or flossing tools easily and at a lower cost. In contrast, existing electric toothbrushes require the complete head to be replaced, which is more expensive. Additionally, the oscillating mechanism can also be replaced separately if worn out.
4- **Efficient Floss Use**: Each flosser head uses a very short piece of floss, approximately 25mm, made of a material that can be used for at least ten full cleanings. Compared to manual flossing, this invention significantly reduces the consumption of raw materials and natural resources, leading to lower costs and less environmental impact.
5- **Smart Control System**: The IoT based smart control system not only reminds users of brushing/flossing times but also monitors the duration and positioning of the toothbrush/flosser, providing real-time guidance to improve cleaning quality through audio messages, animations, Training videos, and engaging computer games.
6. **Motivational Features**: The smart control system creates a motivating environment for brushing and flossing, especially for children and individuals with disabilities, helping to establish a consistent, proper, and correct oral hygiene routine. Motivational elements can include games, rewards, and more.
7- **RFID Tracking**: Using RFID tags, the smart control system estimates the wear of each head (both toothbrush and flosser) based on their usage and operational hours, notifying the user to replace the head before it becomes ineffective, ensuring optimal performance.
8- **Online Ordering**: The IoT based smart control system can order replacement heads online through connected e-commerce stores when supplies run low, ensuring that users always have functional and efficient brushing and flossing tools available.
9- **Toothpaste Management**: The smart control system also tracks the consumption of toothpaste tubes, considering the number of users and brushing sessions, calculating the approximate depletion time, and ordering new toothpaste online before the current supply runs out.

Note 1: This invention has been registered on September 23, 2023 under No. 109878 in the Intellectual Property and Patent Registration Department of Iran.

Note 2: This invention has been filed on April 22, 2024 under No. PCT/IB2024/053892 in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

For further information please call :
Inventor: Payman Enayati
Mobile: +98 912 171 4611
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