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Ultrasound System with Thermographic Camera

[Category : - HEALTH]
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The aim of this project is to manufacture a prototype that combines these two techniques of exploration and medical diagnosis.

In other words, it would consist of integrating a camera with thermal imaging technology by means of an articulated arm attached to the ultrasound machine, either as part of it, and using these two technologies to use software to obtain thermal images at the same time as the ultrasound examination is performed, and coupling, combining, and/or comparing ultrasound images with infrared thermography images through a monitor, where the ultrasound images can be compared and analyzed with the images collected by the camera and the information from the thermal spectrum can be processed.

Develop therefore:

Software that combines both systems (ultrasound machine + thermal imaging camera) and obtains images on a monitor, on the one hand thermal images and on the other hand ultrasound images (in different windows; with the system of screen division, or corner window).

Hardware (device that adapts to the ultrasound machine by means of an articulated arm forming an integral part of it).

The device could become a technological improvement capable of facilitating early diagnoses with a higher level of precision on various pathologies, by incorporating the characteristic temperature by emission of infrared radiation (lesions suspected of malignancy do not have the same infrared heat emission as Non-malignant lesions) and substantially reduce the number of secondary confirmatory diagnoses, thus avoiding the costs associated with such processes. and the substantial reduction of diagnostic times, among other benefits.

I am a doctor specializing in ultrasound, I have more than 20 years of experience working as a sonographer, and it would be an important advance in my work to be able to add the thermal characteristic to a doubtful lesion of malignancy, and thus help me decide when giving a diagnosis, or requesting a biopsy of it.

This invention would have many other applications, for example in the correct diagnosis of muscle injuries (a muscle tear causes thermal changes) and for example it would help to monitor the injury and decide in which phase of healing it would be. It can also be used in vascular ultrasound (doubtful areas of arterial ischemia that would help confirm the diagnosis, for example), and many other examples. If you were interested in holding a video conference to explain in more detail the applications and benefits of the invention, I would be happy to carry it out.

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