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Structure with a Gear-Based Twisting-Locking Mechanism

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The present invention relates to a simulation system for planetary probe landing which is capable of diverting heat waves generated while entering in another planetary probe along with capturing images/recording of the atmosphere during descent while landing on another planet’s realm and accordingly store the data to be utilized for research purposes for exploration of the planet of interest.rnrnThe following description includes the preferred best mode of onernembodiment of the present invention. It will be clear from this description of the invention that the invention is not limited to these illustrated embodiments but that the invention also includes a variety of modifications and embodiments thereto. Therefore, the present description should be seen as illustrative and not limiting.rnWhile the invention is susceptible to various modifications and alternative constructions, it should be understood, that there is no intention to limit the invention to the specific form disclosed, but, on the contrary, the invention is to cover all modifications, alternative constructions, and equivalents falling within the spirit and scope of the invention as defined in the claims

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[0020] In presenting the simulation system for planetary probe landing, I am open to various forms of collaboration, including outright sale, licensing with royalties, or other partnership arrangements. While the invention described here represents one preferred embodiment, it's essential to note that the invention's scope extends beyond the illustrated embodiments to include modifications and alternative constructions.

[0021] The invention described herein provides a simulation system for planetary probe landing, capturing images and recording video of the atmosphere during descent for research and telemetry purposes in inter-planetary exploration.

[0022] Terms like "comprising" may be substituted with "consisting essentially of" or "consisting of" as appropriate.

[0023] The system comprises a body designed for installation on a spacecraft, featuring materials like PETG, ABS, or PLA+ for durability and ease of manufacturing.

[0024] Key components include a primary parachute, an AI-based imaging unit, a servo-motor arm, a cylindrical frame with a secondary parachute and heat shield, and sensors for monitoring altitude and orientation.

[0025] The body is deployed from the spacecraft at a predetermined altitude, equipped with sensors for altitude monitoring, including air pressure and temperature, GPS, and tilt angle sensors.

[0026] The BME280 sensor measures pressure and temperature, while the MTK3339 GPS module tracks the body's precise position. The BNO055 sensor detects tilt angle and altitude, providing accurate orientation information.

[0027] Data from these sensors are processed to determine surrounding pressure and temperature, positioning, altitude, and tilting angle of the body.

[0032] The body is encased in a structurally robust outer casing resembling a cell wall structure to ensure resilience during deployment.

In terms of market potential, the simulation system holds promise for advancing planetary exploration missions by providing valuable data during descent and landing. Specific conditions for sale or partnership can be discussed further, and additional intellectual property associated with the invention, such as trademarks or websites, can be addressed as needed.

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