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Canoe outrigger with built-in storage capacity

[Category : - Camping and Outdoors - Fishing and hunting- Boating]
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A canoe outrigger with built-in, covered, storage capacity. Unlike a typical pontoon type outrigger, this device is a miniature canoe form that has an open interior. The top of the outrigger has three doors allowing for storage and access within the form that holds many supplies, such as camping and fishing gear, food, water and other items. The outrigger is connected to a canoe, or other small boat, by a pair of telescoping arms. Each arm has clamps that secure the arms the gunwales of the vessel. The other end of each arm is bolted into position on the outrigger. In this way, the outrigger is securely attached for use.
The outrigger sabilizes while freeing up space in the watercraft. Supplies stored in the outrigger also acts as a counter balence futher stabilizing craft. the telescoping arms alows the outrigger to move extend out for futher stability or closer to the vessel when tight spots or obsticles are in the way, or just need to grab some gear while your in the vessel.
The sefety this outrigger adds keeps the vessel from completely sinking for any reason and provides life saving floatation due to the water tight seals of the three compartments. You can see this outrigger in action on youtube, search "sidepaw canoe outrigger on river".

Financial information

This invention has not previously been sold or on the market. What im looking to do with it is either sell it, license it, or potentially form a partnership.
Kayak and conoe fishing has seen an increase in the last few years and has become quite a popular sport, the market for these outriggers is there, and with new technologyies in thermoforming, the production cost to sells profit could be 300% to 400%.
About 22 million Americans — 7.4 percent of the population — enjoy paddling. Kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboarding and kayak fishing have grown dramatically. Between 90,000 and 105,000 canoes and 350,000 kayaks are sold annually, according to industry figures. If only 10% customers bought one of these for thier set up, the anual sells could be upwards to 17.5 million dollars.