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Invention Adds Natural Fruit Flavor to Cannabis Flower Vapor

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"Hookah for Cannabis": US Patent has been granted for our product that will become a game changer in the cannabis industry. The invention adds natural fruit flavor to cannabis flower vapor.

When consumed, the vapor tastes very good and smells unlike the stench of burning cannabis with fire. When any of the vapor enters the ambient atmosphere, it simply smells like aromatherapy in the air.

This is NOT a vape pen nor is it used with synthesized cannabis.

People trying cannabis since it is now legal in 75% of the USA, and may not want to expose their children or grandchildren, etc., to the foul odor, may now consume cannabis without the odor. Instead, our natural fruit flavors fill the air indoors. Imagine being used at events, wedding receptions as an alternative to alcohol, or at cannabis lounges, etc.

The device is very simple to use, and consumers will purchase over and over again and will become very popular very fast.

It can be sold in cannabis dispensaries, or online via Amazon type online stores since it does not contain cannabis, and may be marketed as an aromatherapy device. The consumer may decide to add cannabis to their desktop/tabletop vaporizer or not.

This patented invention is expected to generate Hundreds of Millions of Dollars per year or Billions Worldwide.

Welcome to the party! No RSVP required. Get in touch.

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