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Innovative technology to revolutionize retail execution

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MyBrandForce (“MBF”) is a business offering a bespoke technology stack which allows the business to recruit, onboard and train a “gig” workforce to provide retail merchandising, observational data and syndicated data to retail outlets and brands. rnrnA summary of the business model, supporting technology, trademark, and patents follow: rnrnExecutive Summary: rnrnThe Opportunity: Quality brand data is crucial for brands to make informed decisions. However, data collection for brand management and compliance is inefficient, fragmented, and unscalable.rnrn• Data is Outdated: Brands are making decisions on data that is typically more than 30 days old. There is no real-time data that brands can quickly act on.rn• Unaligned Incentives: Retail stores are not incentivized to collect and share data with brands. Sending out consultants to collect data as brand distribution grows can be costly.rn• Stagnant Growth: Without accurate, real-time data, brands are unable to quickly react to competition. Brands are unable to focus capital on growth opportunities and remain stagnant.rnrnThe Solution: A marketplace where people earn money collecting brand data. rnBrands obtain real-time data allowing them to maximize growth and capital investments.rnrn• Scalable: Brand Ambassadors (typically “gig workers”) are assigned by location. Brands can scale their data collection as distribution grows. rn• Real-time Data: Brands receive real-time data they can immediately act on. Brands are better able to react to competition.rn• Growth: Quality brand data allows for better analysis and overall strategy. Retail execution improvement drives gains of 30% to 40% revenue.rnrnData shows brands are losing up to 30% of their potential revenue each year due to retailer compliance issues. MBF has been able to expose common issues at retail locations using observational data, which are photos taken by Brand Agents who are physically present at a retail location. Using these images, MBF is helping brands understand the “why” behind their numerical POS data. rn?rnrnMBF clients range from innovative new brands looking for strategic consulting, retail placement, and other distribution strategies to Fortune 500 CPG companies looking to gain a competitive edge with near real-time data from the field. The Company is seeking investment to scale their workforce and platform to fulfill three major contracts with CPG organizations that can onboard hundreds of brands to the MBF platform.rn

Financial information

Retail Execution and Analytics Spending is Projected to Reach $70.6B by 2028

The Gig-Economy is expected to approach 85M Individuals, enabling a workforce of thousands dedicated to collecting real-time data. Our BrandForce can scale to the size of a brand’s needs, providing variable cost by activating the right agents at the right time.

Our proprietary recruitment process drives higher acquisition and retention rates than the gig-economy average. Brand Agent missions provide flexibility and supplemental income that allow them to achieve work / life balance.

Brand Agents:
• Our Brand Agents execute retail assignments and capture real-time observational data.
• 2,000 active brand agents with an estimated 5,000 by 2024
• Providing nationwide US coverage

Observational Data & AI:
• This data is analyzed and augmented by our proprietary Client Portal, where clients can monitor brand agent activity and make retail execution adjustments.
• 20%-30% increase in customer revenue

Driving Data Analytics and AI:
• When we combine our observational data, contextual 3rd party data, and AI, we can generate predictive analytics and data products that brands can use to increase revenue and identify unique competitive opportunities.
• TAM: ~ 100,000 underserved mid-market brands

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