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The invention belongs to engines of special types, in particular to engines with the use of magnetic means, and can be used in mechanical engineering, instrument engineering, electrotechnical industry, automation systems and telemechanics. A magneto-gravity motor contains a housing that houses a stator, a rotor attached to a shaft, and magnets. The body is made of a cylindrical shape made of diamagnetic material with a cone-shaped hole cut inside along the central axis. The stator is made in the form of a grid-insert made of diamagnetic material with holes made in a spiral for fastening magnets, and fixed on the surface of the housing opening. The thickness of the mesh is equal to the thickness of the magnets. The shaft from the side of the base of the housing opening is made with a protrusion and a stop on it of a cylindrical shape: the rotor is made of diamagnetic material in the form of a cone, the base of which has the shape of a cylinder, in the groove of which the shaft protrusion is fixed with bolts. Spiral holes for inserting magnets are made on the outer surface of the rotor. The technical result of the invention is the simplification of design and manufacture, increase in reliability and efficiency.

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