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[Category : - Food- Cooking]
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A Lasagna noodle cooking and drying rack comprising, a plurality of noodle cooking shelves formed from a plurality of horizontal shelf arms and a plurality of horizontal support members with the horizontal shelf arms attached to a plurality of vertical shelf support structures at an incline to hold the noodles securely on their individual shelves during the cooking process. Cooking the noodles on their individual shelves prevents the noodles from sticking together and promotes even cooking of the noodles which in turn prevents them from breaking apart when they are removed from the cooking water. The Lasagna noodle cooking and drying rack has a removable handle which can be hooked on to the two end vertical support structures to lift the rack from the cooking pot. The Lasagna noodles can be drained and dried on their individual shelves after the rack is lifted out of the cooking water.
The Lasagna cooking and drying rack not only allows all noodles to be submerged at once insuring all to have a uniform consistency while preventing breaking and also eliminating time spent tending to the cooking process. The Lasagna rack in combination with a rectangular energy saving pot which uses less water that a suitably sized round pot along with two additional pasta baskets and a deep fry basket makes a useful addition to the kitchen.

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As can be seen in the picture a prototype has been produced, and I can send a complete video of the Lasagna cooking rack in it's full cycle use. This is a completely new cooking aid in the market.