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A Very Unique Thermoelectric Generator

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A New Electric Generator (Absorbs Heat from Sun or Fuel)

This electric generator is a device that can absorb the big or the small amounts of the heat energy and convert it into electrical energy.

• It can give electric by absorbing heat from Sunlight or Heat from atmospheric air in the hot places.

• It can work as a cooling unit for the fuel engines of all kinds to absorb excess heat from these engines and convert it to electricity. Thus, saving huge amounts of the fuel.

• It can give electrical energy by absorbing heat from burning coal or fuel directly in a stove.

This device contains a group of metallic sheets whose temperature decreases when it works, and in order to continue working, its temperature must be raised again by an external source of heat.
The efficiency of this new generator will exceed 95%. While the efficiency of current fuel-powered generators does not exceed 60%.

Fields of use

1- All the transportation vehicles such as:
• Automotive of all kinds:
This new generator can work as a coolant for the engine of the vehicles to absorb excess heat from the engine and convert it into electricity, thus increasing the car’s power and saving fuel. Thus abandoning the traditional cooling system and saving empty space.

• Aircraft of all kinds:
This new baby can make the plane fly longer. How very important this will be for warplanes in particular and also for civilian aircraft.
Because this new generator can absorb the heat from the plane's engines to generate electrical power. And also dispensing with the cooling systems of those engines. Thus, saving large amounts of fuel.

• Trains, ships, yachts, submarines and spacecrafts:
Because this new generator can absorb heat from the engines in those vehicles and convert it into electricity to save energy.

2- Power plants which are work with solar energy, nuclear energy, coal, gas, diesel or geothermal heat;
• The efficiency of those power stations can be increased by using this new device as a cooling unit for those conventional engines in those stations, thus saving huge amounts of fuel and generating cheaper electricity.
• New power stations with very higher efficiency can be built with using this new device to generate electricity from solar energy, geothermal heat, coal, gas, diesel, diesel or nuclear energy.

3- The field of refrigeration and air conditioning;
It can be used as a cooling unit for buildings or all transportation vehicles, as well as electric refrigerators. Because this new device has the ability to absorb heat from the air and convert it into electricity, thus saving energy and costs.

Financial information

- I will sell this invention immediately over $12,000.

- The patent application has been submitted, Its no. is (EG/2021/1322)

- There is a wonderful & advanced SolidWorks prototype for this invention. It can be implemented in any medium-capacity workshop, with low cost.

- The level of readiness of the invention for production on the ground: 90%

-What I will send you:
1- Patent assignment contract.
2- The full description.
3- All the drawings.
4- The 3D prototype (solidworks).

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