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New battery fast charger, with charging efficiency above 95%

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The new fast charger device and Charging method for, all types of industrial batteries with charging efficiency above 95%:
This new invention device, which is a new generation of pulse battery chargers, to improve and develop and complete the field of industrial battery chargers used in the electrical industry and also electric vehicles, with the ability of Power Saving 95%, which can be done with fast method 4-hour self-charging (according to the international battery standard) and using a new pulse technique, all types of industrial batteries such as: sealed acid - calcium acid - industrial nickel cadmium - industrial ALKALINE - and industrial litium-ion (used in vehicles electric) - and industrial acid gel, without causing any thermal and electrical losses, and without causing any sulphation effect, to complete charging stage.

In the following, we can mention some important and key advantages of the device:

- 95% power saving capability (95% reduction in electric power consumption, compared to other fast chargers).

- Increasing the charging efficiency of all types of industrial batteries with this new generation charger

- The possibility of using Battery Swapping charging stations for electric vehicles (electric car - electric motorcycle - electric scooter, etc.)

- Extending battery life, between 10 and 20 years, depending on the type of battery and its electrolyte.

- Complete elimination of thermal and electrical losses of the battery, in the charging cycle and preventing its sulfation effect.

- Possibility of use in battery bank charging system, ups and off-grid solar systems and all telecommunications and electronics industries and power plants and... .

The method of increasing the charging efficiency above 95% used in the charging unit of the device:

In this special method used in the charging unit of this new device and by using a special pulse technique, we put the battery in a special electrochemical state, which makes the ability to absorb battery energy (battery charging efficiency) up to more than 95 percentage, increase even more than the charging efficiency mentioned in the battery data sheet, which according to the increase in charging efficiency, the amount of electric power required to charge the battery (watt-hours), according to the type of battery and its electrolyte, up to 22.6 equal,decreases. The main reason for this is related to its new pulse technique, which causes the resistance of the battery electrolyte to decrease drastically during the charging cycle, and as a result, the penetration power of the pulsed current increases in the battery electrolyte, which causes the absorption of higher electrical energy than to the normal mode in the battery and with much less power consumption compared to the previous chargers.

The following two links are related to the invention documents, which include: the technical-economic brochure of the device and the performance test video of the industrial sample of this device, which, please, be sure to view and read them for a better and more complete understanding of the issue:

My online PDF link:

My youtube link:

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