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Smart device for opening/closing windows or doors (without screws)

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This (german) patent is still within the priority period and can therefore still be applied for worldwide.

The present invention relates to a device for automatically opening and closing windows and/or doors, which can be attached to the windows and/or doors without additional screws. The device includes a mechanism that applies the force required for opening and/or closing directly to the handle of the window and/or door. The device allows the windows and/or doors to be fully or partially opened or closed with one movement, depending on the desired level of ventilation or access. The device can also be equipped with sensors, smart home and/or artificial intelligence to automatically or remotely control the opening and/or closing of the windows and/or doors.rnrnThe invention solves several problems associated with the prior art. On the one hand, it avoids the need to attach additional screws to the windows and/or doors, which makes installation easier and prevents damage to the window and/or door frames. On the other hand, it offers simple and convenient operation of the windows and/or doors with one hand, without having to stretch or bend down. It also allows flexible adjustment of the opening and/or closing position of the windows and/or doors, depending on the needs of the users. Finally, it allows intelligent control of windows and/or doors using sensors, smart home and/or artificial intelligence to improve room temperature, air quality, security and comfort.rnrnThe invention is suitable not only for new buildings, but also for existing buildings (old buildings), since it can be attached to any type of window and/or door handle.

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