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Invention discloses a composite material that is formed from a polymer, acetylated collagen and graphene, which can be used as a super-capacitor material. Also disclosed the methods of making said composite material and its intermediates, as well as a supercapacitor made using said material.

Financial information

The composite material has the following properties, demonstrated by the preliminary prototype based on Constant Current Charge Discharge (CCCD) tests.
- Capacitance: 561 mF
- Energy Density: 4.08 Wh/Kg
- Power Density: 177.03 W/Kg
- Size: 9 sq cm (3 by 3)
- Pouch cell thickness 0.8mm
Estimated manufacturing cost based on preliminary lab scale data: USD 126.3 per Kg

It is expected that the material will be ideally suited for use in small/thin supercapacitors in applications where size is a major consideration due to its high energy density.
Biocompatibility of the raw materials of the graphene composite also makes it a promising material for applications in implantable medical devices.
Graphene composite based supercapacitor electrode materials have potential applications in
- consumer electronics
- flexible electronic devices
o flexible displays
o curved smartphones
o flexible implantable medical devices
o wearable electronic devices
- Sensors
Several advantages of flexible electronic devices compared to conventional electronic devices include lighter weight, wearability, bendability, environmental friendliness, and reduced cost.