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Lateral Sleep Positioning Adjustable Bed, Healthcare

[Category : - HEALTH]
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The invention is an asymmetrical bedframe. The bedframe is divided off-center, forming a first platform, or back support section and a second platform, or leg support section. Preferably, the platforms are split to separate the area of the bed frame into a first platform that occupies one-third of the area of the bedframe, and a second platform that occupies two-thirds of the area of the bedframe. The first platform the smaller area—is intended to support the back of the user or sleeper, specifically by providing a rotational force to keep the user on their side. The second platform—the larger area—is intended to support the body of the user, including head, arms, torso, legs, and feet.

Financial information

Lateral Sleep Positioning is documented by our to ease the following prevalent health conditions:
1) Snoring / Sleep Apnea as airways are naturally opened
2) Gastrointestinal Disease as stomach acid naturally stays below the esophagus
3) Cardiovascular Health as circulation is naturally increased
4) Anxiety Relief as this unique design is calming as the user's back rests and is supported by the bed
5) Fall Prevention by the supportive design
6) Left Lateral positioning is optimal during high-risk pregnancy increasing circulation to the fetus.

Objective is to obtain a mutually beneficial patent license or sale agreement with an organization who recognizes the far reaching health benefits, as well as, the substantial savings opportunity towards healthcare insurers.