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[Category : - ELECTRONICS- HEALTH- Camping and Outdoors ]
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This invention relates to a series of body worn devices that detects then alerts users if they are being followed by a person, animal or certain objects. Our goal with our wearable tech is not only to protect users by alerting them of certain dangers, but to track their calories more accurately than well known brands (Fitbit, Apple Watch and more) by using our proprietary tracking and calculating feature covered by this patent as well. . Furthermore, we are able to lessen certain criminal activities and increase the rate of criminals being caught. 8 million children are reported missing globally each year. In the US alone, over 800,000 thousand go missing annually. These numbers grow exponentially as technology enables more accessibility for predatory behaviors. The concept provides top of the line features to combat sexual assaults, abductions, theft, animal attacks and more. Our simple but revolutionary patented concept also provides facial recognition to databases of wanted criminals, sexual offenders and so on. In the event of a child abduction, we are able to help law enforcement and crime stoppers identify victims and possible suspects at a much higher rate than current solutions.
Imagine being able to go on a hike and not having to wonder if you’re being preyed upon. What if your wife can finally go for that late night or early morning jog while it is still a bit dark outside. Going for a walk in the park with your headphones on has never been so satisfying. Knowing if there is a cycler coming up behind you, if there is a car, a person, an animal or more. Living a paranoid-free life is what life is all about.

In a nutshell, the invention is to keep users aware of their surroundings, track their health as accurately as we can and make the world a safer place.

Financial information

An outright sale is the goal but I am open to any form of negotiation.

The market potential includes (US alone):
- 64 Million joggers
- 44 million Hikers
- 45 Million hunters
- 40 Million campers
- 100 Million cyclers

I do not have specific contingent however, I do have a few other features and ideas that goes with this concept that are not patented by anyone that can help boost the value of this concept. I. am more than willing to give my time for free and other ideas to whoever may be interested in this Patent. The concept is great and if you are looking to start a company just think about the market potential above. How many people go hiking, camping, jogging and so on. REMEMBER, Fear sells.