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Transport box for ortho-k lenses during the cleaning process

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The storage and cleaning of contact lenses is an essential part of the care and maintenance of these optical aids. Many contact lenses are cleaned with a hydrogen peroxide solution, which is neutralized during the cleaning process, releasing gases that escape through a valve on top of the cleaning container. This makes the cleaning containers difficult to transport. Cleaning container and lenses may remain in awkward positions and cleaning may not be performed effectively, cleaning liquid may run out. These problems occur especially with night lenses/ortho-k lenses/dream lenses, which are worn only during sleep and are stored in the cleaning container during the day. By using this newly developed transport box, wearers of night lenses can now transport their lenses safely. The innovative transport box has been developed to ensure that the cleaning container with the contact lenses is always kept upright and safe, even during transportation. The newly developed transport box consists of two main components: an outer container and an inner container, which can hold any regular cleaning container for contact lenses. Inside the transport box the cleaning container remains upright at all times. This ensures that the contact lenses are always kept in a correct and protected position during transport.

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