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Most comfortable audio sleeping device. No more losing earphones.

[Category : - Music- Audio - Video]
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What's it's about ?
Sleeping device for listening to music/audio in bed wirelessly
New method of sound transmission
Private and comfortable with high sound quality.

- No more losing earphones in bed or listening with bulky headphones.
- Private, comfortable, high sound quality.

Who is it for ?
-Around 18% of population goes to sleep with some kind of audio.

Why is it better than competition ?
It offers superior sound quality compared to other sleeping solutions.
Much more comfortable than traditional earphones.

State of development:
Fully functional prototype with solved main production issues.

Audio transmission through magnetic field.
Consist of
1. Audio source
2. Audio processing/amplifier
3. Transmitting coil situated under listeners head. (Mainly under pillow)
4. Receiver: Small magnet (5x2mm or similar size) on listeners head behind ear acting as vibrator which transmits sound through bone conduction.

Contact info:
Phone: +421904914731
Or by email: [Use the button below to contact me]


Financial information

Looking for sale.

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